Monday, March 20, 2006

Security through Begging

From Schneier's blog. Not only this solves the wrong problem, according to Schneier, but it also shows that governments are victims of VERY bad Infosec advisory. It's quite common to see defense department people responsible for advising on these matters. There are lots of trivial relationships between real warfare and information warfare, but assuming that they are the same thing is a real big mistake. Call the Subject Matter Experts, please.

Security Through Begging

From TechDirt:

Last summer, the surprising news came out that Japanese nuclear secrets leaked out, after a contractor was allowed to connect his personal virus-infested computer to the network at a nuclear power plant. The contractor had a file sharing app on his laptop as well, and suddenly nuclear secrets were available to plenty of kids just trying to download the latest hit single. It's only taken about nine months for the government to come up with its suggestion on how to prevent future leaks of this nature: begging all Japanese citizens not to use file sharing systems -- so that the next time this happens, there won't be anyone on the network to download such documents.

Even if their begging works, it solves the wrong problem. Sad.

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