Thursday, May 4, 2006

Backup tapes, again

Iron Montain has lost some backup tapes from its clients again. I started to look more closely to these incidentes after seeing a standard contract from this kind of a company, where they declare that they'll only reimburse the media value if a tape is lost. Wow, you loose a tape with all your customer database and receive only a buch of dollars for it?

The companies usually ask you to hire a insurance. I think that changing the contract to allow a standard fee (or a classification label based fee) to be paid in case of tape loss would be better for their clients, but they usually don't accept these terms. Of course it is an additional risk for them, but, after all, it's their business, transfering risk related to media handling to a third party! Why can't they hire a "catch all" insurance to mitigate this risk?

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