Thursday, May 25, 2006

Remote kernel overflow exploit

This is from DailyDave:

"Sinan Eren wrote a working version of GREENAPPLE, a remote kernel
overflow in SMB for Windows 2000. It's available now to Immunity
Partners, but it will be in the June Immunity CANVAS release, which
will be interesting. Essentially it's the first remote kernel overflow
I've ever seen - maybe someone knows of one I don't?"

It's related to the MS05-011 vulnerability. One interesting thing is to see a "remote kernel overflow" in a micro kernel OS, Windows 2000. Linux and its fat kernel has never suffered from something like that. I think that it proves how good concepts can suck with bad implementation and how bad concepts can work with good implementation.

More ammo for Mr. Torvalds against Tanenbaum :-)

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