Friday, January 19, 2007

Compliance solution in-a-box

My job to comment on security things is much easier now that I'm reading Mike Rothman's news. From today's posting:

"There is no compliance "solution"
Maybe I'm just grumpy, but the anonymous CJ Kelly is annoying me. Yesterday it was her jumping on the printing security risk bandwagon and today it's making some silly statements about compliance. Let's get one thing straight. There is no compliance SOLUTION. It's not something you can buy, not for any price. You need a strong security program as the foundation, and a way to document what you do and why. That's Step 12 of the P-CSO process. She points to Ogren's post (which is right) about the fact that much of the regulation has had little impact on the base level of security of an organization. And it's because a lot of organizations feel no pain because enforcement is a joke. But to say that the issue with compliance is the vendors not bringing forward complete solutions makes my blood boil. Just another example of someone wanting to solve a problem by open up the checkbook. Sorry CJ, it doesn't work like that."

One thing that's quite funny is to watch security boxes vendors saying that their product is 100% SOX Ready. WTF does that mean??? That or something like "with my product being SOX compliance is easy". Whow, I didn't knoew they are selling silver bullet boxes.

PCI is another standard that is suffering from the same evil. PCI has 12 requirements, from access control to data encryption. You can see companies offering vulnerability scanners as the final solution to PCI compliance. My biggest worry is that if they keep pushing these lies is that probably someone is buying it. What kind of CSO do we have out there?

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