Tuesday, January 23, 2007

They are watching us!

After reading the first part of The Pragmatic CSO I'm convinced that Mike Rothman is just like Scott Adams: THEY ARE WATCHING US!!!

Daily Dilbert from last week shows this power of Mr. Adams here and here.

Two parts from P-CSO caught my eye today. The first was one of those "addicted CSO" dialogues that Mike built so well. The first one (you can check this on the introduction that is freely downloadable from the site) has a part where the CSO mentions the increasing difficulties that he is finding to approve his investments, and the time that he spends with auditors, meetings and assembling business cases. That's sooooo reality!!

The other one was a note about the "Shadow IT", those systems created by business units when the Corporate IT doesn't address their needs. This is also very common, I find a couple of those every day. A good thing about getting business support is that they start to call you when those things are being born. You have the chance to make them start right.

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