Thursday, March 22, 2007

Posts you hang on the wall

Sometimes I see on the discussion lists some posts that I think we should "hang on the wall". Today Marcus Ranum sent two paragraphs to the log-analysis list that were so great that I'm almost printing them to put on my office wall:

"All the current trend toward legislating compliance has
accomplished is setting the bar very low, and encouraging
companies to look only at meeting that standard. I've had
senior IT managers tell me "We are going to do the exact
minimum, wherever possible."

In log analysis terms, that means that the logs to to a big
bucket which is periodically dumped into the compost
heap. Nobody'll look in the bucket until someone passes
legislation requiring people to LOOK at it. And, of course,
when that happens, they'll do the exact minimum, &c..."

Congrats Marcus, always sharp!

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