Friday, August 3, 2007

PSI, from Secunia

I believe that the Black Hat/Defcon buzz made this slip away from the attention of the great security minds out there. Secunia has just release their PSI - Personal Security Inspector (free!).PSI acts on a problem that is incredibly dangerous: vulnerabilities on "auxiliary" software. In a certain way, the problem of vulnerabilities in Windows and Office is solved by Microsoft Update. However, almost nobody is acting to solve the vulnerabilities from software like Adobe acrobat and flash, Java virtual machines and several different media players out there. As a lot of vulnerabilities triggered by malformed data files have been disclosed during the last years, all those software pieces bring a lot of risk to the regular user.PSI can verify (using, of course, the very good DB from Secunia) lots of different software and indicate if they are updated. Actually, I regularly update the software on my desktop, and after running the tool for the first time this was the result:
So, if you are running a desktop on Windows, install PSI immediately. It will save you a huge work on keeping everything updated.

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