Saturday, March 1, 2008

Security blogs

I'm very happy that this year I'll be able to attend to RSA Conference. Not only because of the first class content, but specially because of the Security Bloggers Meet-up that will happen there. I spend a lot of time every day reading the blogs from the people I'll meet there.There is some interesting aspects on being a security professional in Brazil. There are not many security bloggers here, and most of them are just translating news to portuguese. It's a shame that we still don't have many places to find original content. There is an additional problem on blogging in portuguese, your readers are just a few and those with enough knowledge and skills are even less. I'm not saying that local professionals are bad, the problem is that the size of the market here is too small to generate a good number of "above the average" professionals. That's why I (and some others) decided to write in english, to try to reach those very good guys out there and receive their feedback and comments.This option brought some very nice results. I started to have conversations with people that would be seen to many here as those "unreachable" famous professionals. I have very good feedback from Brazilians about my postings, but I was curious if I could produce interesting content to an international audience. Until now, the results have been quite good. That makes me even more confident about my personal project to live (and work) abroad.So, I'm eager to meet all those bloggers at RSA. It would be nice to discover that some of them are even reading my thoughts :-)