Friday, March 28, 2008

JJD on Mac

A few minutes after I posted about the Pwn2Own contest and its results (Mac Air Book compromised), JJD posted in his blog his point of view about Mac security. Well, even after reading his post I still keep with my point.I'm not saying that Windows is better than MacOS. This issue includes things beyond security. I'm thinking about buying a Mac even believing that Microsoft does a better job than Apple on protecting its users. I'm thinking about buying a Mac not because I'll have a more secure computer, but because it's better on usability and the BSD core makes it better to run tools that are developed on *nix/Linux systems. JJD, I think that's the main reason why security experts use Macs, not because it is more secure.There is an additional advantage about Mac for security experts. most of them know about hardening an Unix box, and a MacOS is exactly that, while Windows (Vista and XP) still tries to hide the best part of the show from us. So, people with the "do it yourself" mentality will probably look toward a Mac.My point on the previous post was to indicate that Microsoft, as a software vendor, is doing a better job on making its products more secure. I'm not the only one saying that.