Friday, March 28, 2008

VMWare, the new "unbreakable"?

I was LOL after reading this, from The Register:"(CanSecWest) VMware researcher Oded Horovitz got an earful when he told a group of security buffs his company's virtualization software was theoretically impenetrable. Speaking at the CanSecWest conference in Vancouver, his hour-long presentation, titled Virtually Secure, included a slide titled "VM Escape" that carried the following bullet point:"Though impossible by design, the hypervisor can still have implementation vulnerabilities."

It was more than some attendees could bear."And the Titanic was unsinkable," Mike Poor, a senior security analyst for IntelGuardians shot back. Other attendees complained that security increasingly looked like an afterthought as VMware continued to add new bells and whistles to its Workstation and ESX Server products - many from third party companies."I wonder if those people have learned anything from the infamous "unbreakable" campain from Oracle.

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