Thursday, April 17, 2008

Have you tried Secunia PSI?

In times when we are talking about flaws in Adobe Flash, Apple Quicktime and so many others, it's good to ask how are we doing to ensure that we are not running software with known vulnerabilities. Last August I blogged about Secunia PSI. I'm using it since them and it's impressive how hard is to be updated with all the software running on our workstations. The scanning process is a bit resource intensive, so I choose to run it periodically (once a week) instead of keep it always running.Today I ran PSI and it found some things that should be updated. Some of them were expected (Adobe Flash) and others I was not aware of, as VMWare Server, VLC  Player and  7-Zip.  This is a good example of how easy  is to have vulnerable software running in our computer. PSI does a vey good job on detecting software that needs to be updated, so I recommend it to everyone. If you are not using anything to keep track of software updates, try PSI. You will be surprised.