Thursday, April 10, 2008

RSA post number 2

This second day of RSA was quite interesting. Not exactly because of the presentations, almost everything that I saw today was very shallow and nothing new. I can mention a honorable exception, "Sins of Our Fathers", with Daniel Houser, Hugh Thompson and Benjamin Jun. Good speakers and good (although not new) content.The best part of the the day was definitely the bloggers meetup. I was very nice to talk to people I only knew from blogs, like Jennifer Jabbusch, Chris Hoff, Richard Mogull, Martin McKeay, Mike Rothman and even Bruce Schneier. I have the opportunity to talk to Bruce for a few moments about his RSA presentation, and was pleased to find that he agrees that the source of the Security Theater that we are seeing from new solutions is the fact that buyers are not providing their Model to vendors, they are asking the vendors for Models. Unfortunately, he had to left the meeting early. It would be nice to know what he thinks that should be made to help buyers providing their own Models to vendors instead of asking for one.There are some more interesting talk tomorrow. Let's see if some innovation will appear or if RSA 2008 will be remembered just as "a nice event without anything new".

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