Friday, June 13, 2008

I'm back

I'm back. OK, almost. Today I spent two hours reading lots of accumulated RSS news, blog postings and others. I was glad to see that nothing very exciting happened during the last weeks, when I was moving to Toronto and wasn't able to follow the news and post on the blog. Now my life is slowly getting into something we may call "routine", so I think it's time to resume the activities of this blog.First, it seems that there are some good stuff from Mogull and Schneier. I'll read their posts as soon as possible to see if there is something I can add about.Today I went to Infosecurity Toronto. I was impressed on how small the exhibition was. Someone told me that the owners of the event did something weird on the marketing side, starting the negotiation of space and sponsorships too late. However, it was good to go there and take a quick look into the local security market. As always, conferences are those places where there are lots of vendors and not a single customer :-)I'm still looking for a job here. I'm having some good conversations with some pretty interesting companies, I hope to be employed by the end of this month.One interesting thing to mention here is that during my last week in Brazil I was hacked. Yes. I'm not ashamed to say that, specially because I'm aware that security professionals draw more attention from potential attackers. What happened was that I made two mistakes related to my personal password management "policy". I was using the same password to services supposed to be less low-risk to me. The first mistake was to consider 3 services that have higher risk implied as "low risk" (actually, I couldn't even remember I was using that pwd on them - it was something very automatic for me) and the second was to use that password on a very target and potentially insecure service. There is a small group of self-called "hackers" in Brazil that are trying to cause problems to the key names of Information Security of the country. Unfortunately, I am on that list. As I was caught in the middle of my relocation I was unable to follow a lot of incident response procedures I would like to, but I'm also aware that some of the others that are being targeted by this group are doing that. I won't even talk too much about it as it seems that what they are really looking for is that people talk about them. This, however, is interesting as a reminder for me that as a security professional I need to be a little more paranoid about security on my personal stuff.That's all for now. I hope to able to find more interesting stuff to write about again. I'm keeping my personal "in portuguese" blog updated with my impressions about my new city, but this one needs some special care too. I'll try harder.

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