Monday, September 15, 2008

Good tip to fight laptop theft

Today I was in the office of a company where almost all the employees work on laptops. Everybody receive a security cable to secure the laptop on their desks to prevent theft. There is that old problem, "how to educate the users on using the security cable?". They found an interesting way to educate the users there. The IT support personal "steal" the laptops they find unprotected and leave a note on its place, something like that:

"Your laptop has not been stolen.

It has been removed from your desk to illustrate how easily it can go missing when not properly secured. [...]

Your laptop can new be picked up from [...]"

OK, I know it can cause some squeals from those I-don't-have-time-even-to-get-the-laptop-there people, but it's a nice way to make people see the risk. I like it.

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