Friday, November 7, 2008

The WPA sky is not falling

A lot of noise about a new research that "cracked" WPA was made this week. Well, there are more details about it today, and they clearly show that the WPA sky is not falling.

There is a very good abstract of what is happening on the article above:

"To describe the attack succinctly, it's a method of decrypting and arbitrarily and successfully re-encrypting and re-injecting short packets on networks that have devices using TKIP. That's a very critical distinction; this is a serious attack, and the first real flaw in TKIP that's been found and exploited. But it's still a subset of a true key crack."

So, it's not the final attack against WPA protected networks, but it is a very important building block for more elaborate attacks. I can see that in a near future we will see more serious stuff being done using this as a starting point. Keep your ears open.

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