Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Some good predictions for 2009

Sorry if you were expecting something big. Usually the best next year's predictions are the dullest ones. Until now I found these from Andreas Antonopoulos the best. But what do I mean by best?Best as those with the biggest chances of being right. According to the Black Swan theory (funny, I remember Antonopoulos and Dan Kaminsky discussing it during the bloggers meet-up back in April at RSA) I believe that we cannot predict huge things, as they are usually not expected to the point of being unpredictable. Also, there are not many "big happenings" on the security history, so there is no point in generating predictions full of big happenings. Can you remember a year full of information security huge stories?Antonopoulos predictions point to natural evolutions of current situations and threats. He may miss some big bang stuff that eventually happens, but I wonder how many will get that one right, if it really happens.A very good 2009 for all of you. Thanks for reading all this crap during 2008. I hope to be a little more present and provide a little more content next year (new year resolution #n?). After all, life will probably be a little more stable. Or not. :-)

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