Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Do no evil?

That's Google motto; however, there is really some room for thinking after watching the presentation from Ira Winkler. The most interesting thing is not only the huge amount of data that Google has, but their posture on inquiries and complaints about them. Still, they are usually seen as a "cool" company. As Ira said, what would be the public reaction if those services provided by Google were being offered by the government?

It's funny to see this trend on "cool companies". Google and Apple are the best examples. I think they posture over security and privacy concerns are deeply rooted on this "coolness" perception. Nobody think they are evil, so why bother trying to convince those few paranoid guys that have doubts?

As a side note, the first person that I heard was using Google Latitude is the most paranoid guy I know. What are those companies doing to be so trusted?


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