Monday, April 6, 2009

Interesting webinar from IBM

IBM has scheduled a interesting webinar for April 15th. I don't know if it will be entirely "see how nice our product's features are", but as I've been recently blogging about how middleware happens to be a frequent blind spot, that may be something interesting to follow. You can also see some interesting posts from Gunnar Peterson about it.Details about the webinar:Middleware Security Holes You Need to Know About:  They Increase Risk of Breaches, and Will Make You Non-Compliant with PCI  April 15th, at 12 Noon ET; 9 am PT

With T.Rob Wyatt of IBM

The Heartland Payments breach is another case where hackers were able to compromise the "soft center" inside the corporate network. One of the major security holes that remains unplugged in many organizations is middleware, especially middleware used for application-to-application and application-to-DB communication.This webinar will feature the expertise of T-Rob Wyatt who is an IBM security consultant focusing on IBM Websphere MQ, which has been implemented by over 15000 enterprises around the world.  T-Rob will talk about some of the security problems he has found working with merchants, payment processors and other enterprises, most of which have been missed by PCI assessments, often because PCI QSAs are not familiar enough with MQ series and other middleware to evaluate the security of the configuration.This webinar will be very valuable for merchants, banks, PCI assessors and anyone else who is not sure what middleware vulnerabilities they have and how to make the changes to eliminate them.SPEAKER:  T-Rob Wyatt - Senior Managing Consultant, IBMTopics to be discussed include:** What are the major middleware vulnerabilities?** What organizations still have these vulnerabilities?** What is required to eliminate these vulnerabilities?** What should organizations do near term to solve this problem?

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