Friday, August 14, 2009

Don't worry about security reputation IF...

There is a ongoing discussion on some forums about the "fallacy" that the damage to the security reputation of an organization due to a security incident is not as bad as security professionals use to say. This is based on this post from Larry Walsh.
I'm sure there is a lot of exaggeration on the effects of an incident. Some business tend to fell more the effects of an incident than others, for instance. We can tell that the retail business can survive pretty much harmless to an incident, like we saw with TJX and so many others. But what about payment services companies?
The last two examples are really interesting, CardSystems and Heartland. CardSystem is out of business because of its incident. Heartland is surviving, but take a look at their share price:

The effects of the incident (see the that big drop in January?) are clear and it will take time to recover from it. The company is spending a lot of money to rebuild its credibility, there is a real impact to the value of the organization. One can argue the part of the impact is due to the financial risk from litigation and fines, not to reputation only. That's true, but I'm sure that even by not considering that impact we would still see some considerable impact.
The impact can be zero? Yes it can, but it depends on a series of factors, like the organization business, details of the incident (what type of information has leaked, how it happened) and how the organization dealt with it.


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