Monday, August 10, 2009

These are the vulnerabilities I'm worried about

For those who are addicted to vulnerability information feeds, you are probably already aware of the XML Libraries data parsing  vulnerabilities. This is the kind of vulnerability that creeps me out. When you've got vulnerabilities related to an easily identifiable software, like "Windows 2008", "Firefox 3.5" or "Java Runtime Environment 6", it is easy to understand if you are vulnerable or not.When the issue is on libraries, libraries that are used everywhere, this thing becomes a nightmare. You are now relying on the ability of all your software providers (COTS software and "tailored" stuff) to identify the usage of those libraries in their products, and also on the ability of your developers to do the same. Does your vulnerability management process includes a procedure to check with developers if they are using vulnerable libraries? Do you track libraries on those processes too? I haven't seen that being done out there.There are lots of file scanning technologies deployed everywhere. Antivirus, content discovery, DLP. Can we leverage those technologies to look for the presence of vulnerable libraries? I wonder if someone is already doing that...

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