Friday, September 25, 2009

Am I being contraditory?

I was reading the post that I just published when I noted that the post right before that was complaining about attempts to standardize diversity, the curse of the "best practices". The funny thing is that on the last post I tried to make the case for a big standard, that would probably end up trying to do the same thing I was complaining about on the previous post. Pretty contraditory, isn't it?It is, and I'm trying to see how these two different approaches can co-exist. One option, and can see how cool that could become, is to create that big standard as a framework that would allow different implementations of the same process, but all following specifications for inputs and outputs. That would create a big standard with "sub-standard plugins", suggested implementations for specific processes. Each of those plugins would consider information from those threat modeling components I mentioned before, in a way that you could choose an implementation of a process that is more aligned to your organization profile, technology and characteristics.That would avoid excessive standardization and also ensure that the basic necessary processes are in place. Now the two posts are not that incompatible anymore and I can go to sleep without that bugging me :-)

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