Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Brazil and the appetite for private data from Google

Interesting piece from The Register regarding the new tool published by Google that shows how many requests they receive from governments to access and/or remove private data from their systems. According to the tool, the Brazilian government is one of the top requestors.But there is an issue with the article from The Register that I immediately noticed and that is even confirmed in the by Google. What happens is that Orkut, the first social network attempt from Google, is extremely popular in Brazil, much more than Facebook. So, the numbers from the Brazilian authorities would more likely be comparable to numbers related to Google AND Facebook requests in other countries. I bet the difference is not that big or doesn't exist at all if the numbers are compared in that way. The confirmation as from their FAQ:"For Brazil and India, government requests for content removal are high relative to other countries in part because of the popularity of our social networking website, orkut. The majority of the Brazilian and Indian requests for removal of content from orkut relate to alleged impersonation or defamation."

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