Thursday, October 27, 2011

Automation and security

There is another great post by Brian Krebs at his blog Today, about APT. However, the best part of it is a quote from Cisco's Gavin Reid:

“One of the areas where we’ve failed as a security community is that we’ve got an over-reliance on automation,” Reid said. “We’ve sold this idea that we can automate it, in a way that will not only help your security staff identify threats, but that you can cut your staff down because these technologies are going to do the work of a lot of people. That has failed. We’re still stuck with [the reality that] you need smart people who understand computer, applications and networks, and a logging solution becomes a tool they can use to identify some of these things. Hopefully this has been a little bit of a wake-up call, and we can start looking at things a little differently and start putting people back into the equation.”

When you see organizations believing that their simplistic set of IDS or SIEM rules is enough for security, it's a sure sign that there's too much trust on automation.

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