Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Flame, exactly how we predicted 5 years ago

This week news are all around Flame, the father of all malware. There are several interesting posts and code analysis floating around about it, but what I wanted to highlight is how Flame is following the evolution pattern I and my friends Victor and Fucs presented back in 2007 (Black Hat Europe). Some of Flame's characteristics that we talked about at that time are:

- Modular architecture: we said "The payload, the part of the bot that is responsible for its "features", can also be developed as a separate layer. It would be composed by several features modules, which receive the commands from the command layer. The bot can just download a new feature module, that is programmed to receive its parameters through a defined API"

- Script language: from our paper: "If the botnet master's objective is to avoid transferring executable binaries while maintaining the ability to have flexible bots with extensible functionality, there is also the option of using script languages."


Flame was designed to allow updates for its exploits. 

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