Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Art of Thinking Security Clearly - RSA Conference 2015

My work with behavioral economics and security is becoming even more interesting! I've just got the confirmation that my session at RSA Conference this year has been accepted:


The Art of Thinking Security Clearly

Augusto Barros, CIBC, Security Architect

Friday, Apr 24, 11:20 AM


50 minutes

A cognitive bias is deviation from thinking or acting rationally due to unconscious inferences about other people and situations. Information Security is full of situtions where cognitive biases affect our judgement. This session will cover the most common cognitive biases, how they relate to information security and what can be done to avoid or reduce their impact on our actions and decisions.

Human Element

The longer session will allow me to go deeper into some cognitive biases that I wasn't able to cover during the BSidesTO talk. I'm excited about this as it's the first time I'll be speaking at RSA. Hope to see you all there, I know it's that Friday morning when everyone is either destroyed from partying the whole week or flying back home, but if you're still planning to attend sessions that day, please consider this one for your schedule :-)

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