Wednesday, August 2, 2017

From my Gartner Blog - Our new Vulnerability Assessment Tools Comparison is out!

Vulnerability assessment is usually seen as a boring topic and most people think the scanners are all equal – reaching the “commodity” status. Well, for basic scanning capabilities, that’s certainly true. But vulnerability scanners need to stay current with the evolution of IT environments; think all the changes in corporate networks in the past 20 years due to virtualization, mobility, cloud, containers and others. Those things certainly affect vulnerability management programs and how we scan for vulnerabilities. These IT changes force scanners to adapt, and we end up seeing some interesting differences at the fringes. Our new document, “A Comparison of Vulnerability and Security Configuration Assessment Solutions”, compares the 5 leaders of this space (BeyondTrust, Qualys, Rapid7, Tenable and Tripwire) and show how and where they differ.

Some of the capabilities where we found interesting differences are:

  • Agent based scan
  • Integration with virtualization platforms
  • Integration with IaaS cloud providers
  • Mobile devices vulnerability assessment capabilities
  • VA on containers
  • Delivery models (on-prem, SaaS)


As we’ve been doing, please consider providing feedback on the paper; this helps us improve our research :-)

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  1. Shouldn't you be looking at Aqua Security and Twistlock for VA on containers? What about Upguard as another vendor to compare? Or TrustKeeper?

    1. Good question; yes if the main intent is to do VA for containers only, but our comparison was for tools with broader coverage. So, we were comparing broad coverage VA tools, which happen to include (at least some of them) container assessment capabilities, and not tools for containers assessment only.