Wednesday, October 3, 2018

From my Gartner Blog - Endpoint Has Won, Why Bother With NTA?

One of my favorite blog posts from Anton is the one about the “SOC nuclear triad”. As he describes, SOCs should use logs, endpoint and network data on their threat detection and response efforts. But we also know that organizations don’t have infinite resources and will often have to decide about which tool to deploy first (or ever). Leaving logs aside for a moment, as it usually has additional drivers (i.e. Compliance), the decision eventually becomes: Endpoint vs Network.

Considering a fair comparison, I believe endpoint wins. Some of the evidence we see out there apparently confirms that. Just look at the number of EDR and NTA solutions available in the market. The number of calls I get about EDR, compared to NTA, is also higher. Not to mention that some surveys are also pointing to the same thing.

Endpoint also wins on technical aspects:

  • The network is not yours anymore: With cloud, including PaaS and SaaS, it becomes harder to find a network to plug your NTA technology too. The number of blind spots for network monitoring today are huge, and growing.
  • Encryption: To make things worse (or better, I should say), network traffic encryption is growing tremendously. Almost everything that used to be HTTP now is HTTPS. Visibility on the higher layers is very limited.
  • Endpoint has better signal to noise: This may be more contentious, but it seems that less deterministic detection seems to work better on the endpoint than on the network. What does that mean, in practical terms? That the detection approaches that go beyond simple signatures or indicators matching will generate better alerts, in terms of false positive rates, on the endpoint instead of on the network. Some people may disagree here, but that’s my impression from clients’ feedback about products from both sides.
  • You can see all network stuff on the endpoint: If you really want to see network traffic, why not capture on the endpoints? Some products have been doing that for years.

I think these are some of the reasons why MDR service providers select EDR as delivery mechanism for their services. Having an agent in place also gives them more fine-grained response capabilities, such as killing a process instead of blocking traffic to or from an IP address.

So, endpoint wins. Why would anyone still bother with NTA?

There are reasons that could reverse the preference from endpoint to network. You may prefer to rely on NTA when:

  • You need to protect IOT, OT/ICS, BYOD, mobile devices: Simply put, if you cannot install an agent on it, how would you do endpoint-based detection? There are many technologies being connected to networks that do not support or don’t have agents available. Sometimes they do, but you are not allowed to install the agent there.
  • Organizational challenges: Not all organizations are a perfectly friendly environment for endpoint monitoring. The “owners” of the endpoint technologies may simple reject the deployment of new agents. Your silo may not have enough power to force the deployment of agents but may have better access to network instrumentation. There are many situations beyond simple technical reasons that would force you to look for an alternative to endpoint technologies.
  • Price? Not sure here, but depending on the number of endpoints and the network architecture, it may be cheaper to do monitoring on the network level instead of on each endpoint. If you have a huge number of endpoints, but a network that is easy to instrument and monitor, the bill for NTA could be friendlier than the EDR bill.

So, there are two reasons to still invest in NTA. First, PERFECT visibility REQUIRES both. If you are concerned about super advanced threats disabling agents, using BIOS/EFI rootkits, you need to compensate with non-endpoint visibility too. Second, organizational or technology limitations may leave you with network as the only option.


Do you see any other reason why NTA would be the preferred option, instead of endpoint? Do you disagree that endpoint has won?

(this post, BTW is the result of our initial discussions on upcoming NTA research…)






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